At-home yoga is for everyone. Follow these tips to get the most out of your routine.
23 Sep 2021

How to Find Success in Your At-Home Yoga Practice

Yoga does not restrict or expect perfectionism. Three ways to keep going with your home yoga practice!

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Yoga to relieve depression and anxiety
09 Sep 2021

A VHS Tape in a Yoga Kit

Moments of stillness. Gentleness. Relaxation. Energization. A calm mind. Read on to find out the many benefits Nicole has found through yoga.

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Gentle Yoga for everyone
26 Aug 2021

Gentle Yoga is the Thread

And then yoga became much more – every shape and every intentional breath guiding the way to rebuilding my new identity, one based on self-kindness, grace, and complete understanding that this body is working for me every single moment.

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Home yoga practice tips, working out at home, how to workout at home, how to do yoga at home
12 Aug 2021

Building Your At-Home Practice

Follow these helpful tips to build an at-home yoga practice that works best for you and your body!

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Whether you want to call it gentle yoga, curvy yoga, plus-sized yoga, yoga for larger bodies...if you feel you live in a bigger body, there is yoga for you and we have it!
29 Jul 2021

Yoga for Larger Bodies

Live in a curvier body? There is a yoga practice for you!

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Accessible, inclusive yoga for all bodies. Mindfulness and meditation, yoga for beginners, seniors, injuries, illness. Adaptable yoga for larger bodies, yoga for curvy bodies.
15 Jul 2021

What is Gentle Yoga Part II

Gentle Yoga is accessible and inclusive, for whatever phase of life you’re in.

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Gentle Yoga is for all bodies. The healthy, the injured, the large, the small. All bodies are yoga bodies!
01 Jul 2021

What is Gentle Yoga Part I

Gentle Yoga is founded on the dreams of easing suffering in the world, using yoga as a revolution of kindness and acceptance to self and others.

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Learn how to master your yoga practice with Gentle Yoga. These quick and easy steps will transform your practice.
17 Jun 2021

Meditation, A Little and Often

Meditation is scientifically proven to grow your brain. Read more about it and how to make meditation a habit using “a little and often” to supercharge your life!

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Learn how to nourish your psychology with calm. Follow these steps for a deep, restful sleep.
03 Jun 2021

Ride the Elevator to Better Sleep

You probably know you’re not getting enough sleep – use this analogy to help you get to sleep faster starting today.

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A message to trauma survivors from our founder Angie Davis. We understand your struggle, we are here for you.
20 May 2021

Dear Trauma Survivor

Feel like no matter what you do you can’t seem to move forward after trauma? Read this for inspiration.

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Accessible yoga that makes sense for your needs is here. Join the gentle revolution today!