Gentle Yoga and the National Eating Disorder Association
16 Dec 2021

Listening to the Yellow Lights of the Body as a Path to Body Acceptance

Yoga and meditation have helped our founder Angie navigate body acceptance through P.T.S.D., trauma and anxiety, moderate-to-severe brain injury, and incomplete spinal cord injury. Read her raw post about how yoga has helped her soften her thoughts about her injured and healing body.

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Online yoga at home
09 Dec 2021

How to Find Success in Your At-Home Yoga Practice

Yoga does not restrict or expect perfectionism. Three ways to keep going with your home yoga practice!

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Gentle Yoga for trauma and anxiety
02 Dec 2021

Gentle Yoga is the Thread

And then yoga became much more – every shape and every intentional breath guiding the way to rebuilding my new identity, one based on self-kindness, grace, and complete understanding that this body is working for me every single moment.

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Yoga for trauma anxiety PTSD
18 Nov 2021

Dear Trauma Survivor

Feel like no matter what you do you can’t seem to move forward after trauma? Read this for inspiration.

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MIndfulness meditation
04 Nov 2021

Meditation, A Little and Often

Meditation is scientifically proven to grow your brain. Read more about it and how to make meditation a habit using “a little and often” to supercharge your life!

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Gentle Yoga International blog post at omStars
21 Oct 2021

Embracing the Body Experiencing Invisible Disability Through Yoga

Yoga can get us through impossibly tough times, I am living proof.

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Gentle Yoga for better sleep
07 Oct 2021

Ride the Elevator to Better Sleep

You probably know you’re not getting enough sleep – use this analogy to help you get to sleep faster starting today.

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Meditation teacher and tips
23 Sep 2021

Meditation is Scary

Curious about meditation but don’t know where to start to reap the benefits everyone talks about? 5 short and simple ways to start a meditation practice for beginners.

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Yoga for larger bodies
09 Sep 2021

A VHS Tape in a Yoga Kit

Moments of stillness. Gentleness. Relaxation. Energization. A calm mind. Read on to find out the many benefits Nicole has found through yoga.

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Online yoga classes at home
12 Aug 2021

Building Your At-Home Practice

Follow these helpful tips to build an at-home yoga practice that works best for you and your body!

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Accessible yoga that makes sense for your needs is here. Join the gentle revolution today!