Category: Mental Health

Yoga for trauma anxiety PTSD
11 Sep 2022

Dear Trauma Survivor

Feel like no matter what you do you can’t seem to move forward after trauma? Read this for inspiration.

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Gentle Yoga International
16 Aug 2022

Embracing the Body Experiencing Invisible Disability Through Yoga

Yoga can get us through impossibly tough times, I am living proof.

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Trama informed yoga
07 Apr 2022

Ride the Elevator to Better Sleep

You probably know you’re not getting enough sleep – use this analogy to help you get to sleep faster starting today.

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Trauma informed yoga
19 Mar 2022

Meditation, A Little and Often

Meditation is scientifically proven to grow your brain. Read more about it and how to make meditation a habit using “a little and often” to supercharge your life!

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PTSD support
31 Jan 2022

New Year’s Intentions – not resolutions

80% of New Year’s resolutions fail – set INTENTIONS instead!

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