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Gentle Yoga and the National Eating Disorder Association
16 Jun 2022

Listening to the Yellow Lights of the Body as a Path to Body Acceptance

Yoga and meditation have helped our founder Angie navigate body acceptance through P.T.S.D., trauma and anxiety, moderate-to-severe brain injury, and incomplete spinal cord injury. Read her raw post about how yoga has helped her soften her thoughts about her injured and healing body.

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PTSD trauma survivor
13 Jun 2022

#GetReal – How Yoga Therapy Reconnects Body, Breath and Mind

What is yoga therapy? While all yoga has potential to be therapeutic and to support your wellbeing, yoga therapy is the practice and specific customised application of evidence based, time tested tools and techniques from the yogic tradition to develop a personalised practice that addresses your physical, mental, and emotional needs so you can achieve […]

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Trauma sensitive yoga and meditation
13 Feb 2022

What About You?

Are you on your “to love” list? Loving yourself is first because how you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.

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PTSD yoga
02 Dec 2021

Gentle Yoga is the Thread

And then yoga became much more – every shape and every intentional breath guiding the way to rebuilding my new identity, one based on self-kindness, grace, and complete understanding that this body is working for me every single moment.

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