Category: Trauma Informed Yoga

11 Jan 2023

The Dos & Don’ts of a Physical Yoga Practice

Do you ever SHOULD all over yourself in terms of your yoga practice? Thinking your body SHOULD do something, your yoga practice SHOULD be a certain way. Let’s talk about some of the dos and don’ts of your physical yoga practice and how to approach your practice with more ease, grace and acceptance of how your body is actually doing.

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24 Nov 2022

Warrior I Tutorial

Today we’re going to dive into the basics of how to do the Warrior I pose in a way that honours your needs and the alignment of your body. One of the myths of Warrior I is that we need to have our legs really far apart in a wide stance. Let’s bust that so that we understand how to move with integrity for our hips and the information we’re getting from our own body. 

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PTSD yoga
18 Oct 2022

3 ways yoga helped my PTSD

After trauma, I turned the dial WAY down on life. My survival responses were to disconnect and freeze. Yoga and iRest meditation helped me unfreeze and build a pathway back to life again after PTSD.

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11 Oct 2022

Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma informed yoga is perfectly suited, designed, and developed to be effective and powerful for trauma survivors. It is a way for trauma survivors to safely experiment with having a body again and through gentle yoga students can practice breathing, moving, feeling their body again, restoring the loss of control that they may have experienced in trauma.

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Gentle yoga
22 Sep 2022

3 Trauma-related Body Image Hurdles Yoga Helped me Overcome

Angie’s trauma fundamentally changed her relationship to her body – it severed it in fact. In this post she shares about how yoga and meditation were pivotal in her connecting to her body again and moving from wanting to disown it to accepting it as it is after injury.

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