The Gentle Yoga Mission & Mindset

We are on a mission to make yoga more approachable, accessible, and inclusive. Because we believe
yoga exists for everyone; from elite athletes to the severely injured.

Gentle Yoga helps you…

Finally, accessible yoga that makes sense for your needs is here. Join the gentle revolution today!

Breathe your way to peace of mind even in the face of stress or the demands of top performance.


Increase flexibility and feel safe to move even with stiffness or a limited range of motion.


Gain clarity through meditation even with a busy mind or crazy schedule.


Build strength starting where you’re at.

We have a movement practice for any phase of your life. This is yoga for real life and real bodies.
Join us here in our global community with space for everyone.


Transform your trauma


Restore your nervous system


Build resilience

Our values

Every day, Gentle Yoga International lives our values:


(Ahimsa: the Hindu word
for non-harm)

Community. Socially and morally conscious.


Been there, lived that.

We are regular people teaching what we know because we’ve lived it.


Proven stuff that works.

Research-based. World-class.

Anxiety can impact your every day life. With Yoga for Trauma and Anxiety, explore a world of relaxation and relief to help calm your nervous system and ease your everyday struggles.

Your yoga journey
starts here.

Watch video of our story
Our Founder and CEO, Angie Davis. Join our gentle revolution today.


Pose by pose and breath by breath, yoga has been the foundation of my recovery from severe brain injury and P.T.S.D. As a result, I understand firsthand its power to heal and transform.

Yoga tools and practices saved my life and it’s now my mission to share them with the world. That’s why Gentle Yoga International exists – to empower you to live your best life, wherever you are.

Welcome, we are so happy you’re here.

– Founder,
angie davis

Accessible yoga that makes sense for your needs is here. Join the gentle revolution today!