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31 Jan 2022

New Year’s Intentions – not resolutions

Almost 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail every year.


Add pandemic fatigue and the Omicron wave on top of that and it’s likely that for most of us our resolutions failed before we even got started this year!

We’d like to propose an alternative – intentions. Given the effects of long-term stress we are feeling right now (fatigue anyone!?), intentions are perfectly suited to navigating the end of the pandemic withspace and grace.

Whereas resolutions are our shoulds, intentions are more broad calls to action about what we desire. Intentions can also be more fluid and flexible, changing daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Example Intentions

Intentions for your wellness might be something like:

-I intend to stretch daily.
-I intend to celebrate small moments of joy.
-I intend to practice meditation.
-I intend to lower my stress.
-I intend to connect with my people more.
-I intend to practice peace.

Steps to Setting Your Intentions:

1. Choose a broad intention.

2. Determine specific action steps to achieve this intention.

3. Make a plan for how to include the action steps into your daily life.

4. Make it visual – write about it or post it on a stickie around your house or workplace.

5. Repeat it often and love yourself forward, with the best of intentions to love yourself no matter what!

MIndfulness meditation

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