Gentle Yoga International offers yoga classes for all experience levels. Begin your yoga journey with us, we'd love to have you join the community!

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Gentle Yoga is for any phase of your life.  Increase your health and happiness through yoga that’s not too hard for you.

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Our yoga practices are known to increase energy, help you sleep better, and boost your confidence.


Whatever your needs and limitations, we will always guide you towards a path that makes sense for you and your body. All bodies are yoga bodies.

Feel calm and

Feel calm and confident with Gentle Yoga.


We’re so happy you’re here. We help you love the life you have and create the life you want through yoga done differently: more safely, more intentionally, more inclusively.

Welcome to our community and the gentle revolution. You are safe here. You belong here.

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For years I’ve heard of the benefits of yoga and I finally had the opportunity to try it. Angie was the instructor and she was amazing! Her instructions allowed me to easily follow with the group even though it was my first time. She modified the more difficult poses which allowed me to be engaged from beginning to end. I felt energized after the session and knew I wanted yoga to be a part of my daily routine. Angie’s style allows me to feel relaxed and involved with no pressure.

beth boyd

Our yoga classes are for people of any skill level. These classes make sense for you and what your body needs. Begin your gentle journey today!
Accessible yoga that makes sense for your needs is here. Join the gentle revolution today!