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transform your trauma

Research-based practices to decrease symptoms of P.T.S.D., stress, anxiety, and depression

Transform your

Our yoga practices are known to increase energy, help you sleep better, and boost your confidence.

Restore your
nervous system

Whatever your needs and limitations, we will always guide you towards a path that makes sense for you and your body. All bodies are yoga bodies.


Feel calm and confident with Gentle Yoga.


I’m so happy you found us! Our GROUNDED membership gives trauma survivors concrete tools to use in their recovery. And our
trauma-informed yoga teacher trainings offer worldclass education in yoga that is done differently: more safely, more intentionally, more inclusively.

As a fellow trauma survivor who knows the grit it takes to recover, may our offerings ease your suffering, serve your highest good and promote peace on earth,

Angie, Founder

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As a trauma survivor, I have tried many things in my healing. Nothing has been more soothing and profound as somatic practices like yoga, breathwork and meditations like iRest. Finding Angie, who is trained in all of them as well as trauma informed is an absolute gift for any survivor at any stage in their healing. Her gentle approach and soothing voice help you soften into your healing and create a lasting impact.

j.k., p.t.s.d. warrior

Our yoga classes are for people of any skill level. These classes make sense for you and what your body needs. Begin your gentle journey today!
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