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Yoga for Trauma & Anxiety

Yoga for Trauma & Anxiety

Yoga for Trauma & Anxiety

For you if you know your yoga needs extra focus on nervous system regulation and calming your mind because trauma and anxiety are affecting your daily life. Includes iRest meditation which has been proven effective for relief of trauma and anxiety symptoms.

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A manageable path to accessible yoga

Explore yoga for seniors that mobilizes joints, stretches muscles, and is an all-round safe practice.


This is yoga is for real life and real bodies.
Practice yoga you can do that restores
movement, reduces stress, and soothes your
nervous system.

Yoga that meets you where you’re at

Subtle, gentle yoga is known to restore movement, reduce stress, and sooth your nervous system.


Take care of you. Here you will find all the permission to exhale and get grounded. Sigh, yawn, snore, sleep…or whatever you need to restore and reset.

Rest is revolutionary

If anxiety affects your every day life, Yoga for Trauma and Anxiety can calm your nervous system and bring peace to you.
Accessible yoga that makes sense for your needs is here. Join the gentle revolution today!

There has never been a better
time to practice yoga.

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