Curvy yoga and plus size yoga
29 Jul 2021

Yoga for Larger Bodies

Q: Can you please explain what Yoga for Larger Bodies means?

A: It is important to recognize that yoga is for all bodies. There are specific types of yoga that work great for some people, and don’t work so great for others. The challenge for individuals with curvier bodies is that they have to frequently modify their practice to work for their body.

The goal of Yoga for Larger Bodies is to let bigger people know that there is a practice that works for them and can properly guide them along on their yoga journey. In Yoga for Larger Bodies classes, we understand the modifications needed to make yoga work for those people who need it. I want people to love their body and realize how amazing it truly is.

Q: You mentioned ‘modifications’ in your last answer, what does that mean in terms of Yoga for Larger Bodies?

A: Yoga looks different for everybody, and to make certain poses or stretches work, some people need to make changes to how they perform that pose in order to access the same benefits. A specific yoga practice isn’t rigid or ‘one size fits all’. A modification within a yoga practice is when other options are offered. Modifications are all about celebrating movement and helping your body use the space in a way that is comfortable for you. I want you to find places of ease in your body.

In my classes for example, I give people the option to do poses seated in a chair or standing up. Sometimes we also use blocks or cushions when we’re seated to bring the floor closer to our feet. In Yoga for Larger Bodies classes, I encourage you to start where you are, and do what you can. Remember, yoga looks different for everybody, and modifications are a perfectly okay method of accessing what you need to achieve the benefits you’re seeking.

Q: What message would you like to leave for those starting their yoga journey with you? An online yoga platform may be a totally new experience for many people, so how do you want them to feel?

A: Even though I’m not physically there with you in your living room, I want you to feel as though I am there with you. You are seen, you are heard, and you are appreciated. The beauty with this platform is that it gives you the flexibility to integrate yoga into your life whenever it works best for you – you’re not tied to any schedule. From a teaching perspective, I understand how it feels to live in a larger body, and I understand that the same type of movement can look different for different people; I want to provide you with an accessible, accepting yoga experience. Join me to start your movement practice.

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