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15 Jul 2021

What is Gentle Yoga Part II

Gentle Yoga is for regular humans who want to move.

Regular humans with stiff and flexible bodies; injured and healthy bodies, larger and smaller bodies, ill and recovering bodies; old and young bodies.

We believe all bodies are yoga bodies and everyone can do yoga.

We also know it may not have felt that way to you…until now.

Now you have us to tell you that your body and your human experience are entirely welcome in this wellness space.

It’s about the body. We offer accessible yoga, which really means we support you to meet your body where it’s at, understand it, and open doorways to safe movement for YOUR body.

It’s about choice. So we won’t force your body to do things it can’t do. We will encourage you to go in gently, try things out, and listen and respond to what works for you.

It’s about your mind, learning how it works and how working with it feeds clarity and opens pathways to peace in your life.

And Gentle Yoga is also about your spirit, nourishing yourself from the inside out so you can live a life that feels great to you.

So don’t wait until you feel better, are lighter, are more flexible, or somehow “better” or “different” to do yoga.

Do it right now, whatever phase of life you’re in, because movement matters.

We’ll see you on the mat,


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Hi Deborah, it looks like you found your way to the Rise ‘n Shine Morning Yoga class! You can find out more about the three different subscriptions we have by clicking on the “Pricing” tab at the top right of the website. Feel free to email us at if you run into any troubles or have any questions! Peace, Angie

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