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01 May 2022

The Gentle Revolution

I Have a Dream
Angie Davis version, written about 15 years ago

I have a dream
That when pain, anger, sadness
Knock on the door
We can invite them in, say
“Come. Sit with joy and happiness.
Tell me: what’s it like for you?
What’s your story?”

I have a dream
We can hear
Stories of embracing the light
As easily as we can hear
Stories of walking through the fire
And when the stories are told
We can wrap the light and the fire in a bow
Pack it up like a present
And say, “See, what’s one without the other?”

I have a dream
When we ask, “How are you?”
We really mean, “How are you?”
And we listen to the answer
With the strength to hear and the courage to listen
If the answer is not ‘good’
And those who are not good
Know their voice will be heard.

I have a dream
The dying are told, “We’re listening.
We know you have something important to say.”
The sick are offered a human touch with their medicine
And the hungry are fed and told, “You matter.”

I have a dream
At the end we can say,
“I opened my heart. I accepted all.
I felt. I loved.”

I have a dream
At the end I can say,
“I opened my heart. I accepted all.
I felt. I loved.”

And so gentle yoga is more than just a set of buzz words. It is a revolution, a movement to ease suffering in the world.

The pathway?


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