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09 Sep 2021

A VHS Tape in a Yoga Kit

You may recognize Nicole from our membership spaces, where she teaches classes for Yoga for Larger Bodies. You can learn more about Yoga for Larger Bodies and her hopes for the course here, and you can read about her story below:

Nicole was diagnosed with depression when she was 18 years old. Searching for an outlet to cope with her illness, she turned to yoga. Since then, yoga has been her ‘go-to’ for the rest of her life when she needed relaxation, energization, or a calm mind. Nicole firmly believes that yoga saved her life.

When Nicole found yoga, it was an unusual find – she found a kit in a bookstore that had a yoga mat and a VHS tape of pre-recorded yoga classes. She fell in love with the style of the class – since it was just a recording, she had the flexibility to do it whenever, wherever she wanted. This is also something that she loves about our Gentle Yoga platform – the only schedule you have to follow is your own.

Once a student in front of a screen, Nicole is now the teacher on the other side of the screen, helping people through the struggles she went through. It is quite inspiring to see how Nicole has come full circle with her yoga story; in a time of darkness, she found her light through a digital yoga class, and she now teaches online yoga classes to people who are just like her.

When asked about a memory of a time she felt yoga was changing her life, Nicole felt that the most impactful moments were times of slowing down, rather than during a specific practice or flow state. Through yoga, Nicole has learned to find moments of stillness and gentleness in her everyday life, and those are the moments she feels are the most important. Yoga has taught her to slow down and come to a place of acceptance and love. Through her online classes, Nicole hopes to help you reach those places of love and acceptance that helped push her through tough times. Yoga changed her life, and we know it can change yours too.

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